Top 10 wine brands 2015

2. Gallo

gallo-2Brand owner: E&J Gallo Winery

Head office: 600 Yosemite Boulevard Modesto, CA, 95354 USA

Tel: +1 209 341 3063


EMEA general manager: Bill Roberts

UK Tel: +44 (0)1895 813 444

Product range: Gallo Family Vineyards, Summer/Autumn range, Spritz, Turning Leaf, Coastal Vineyards, Signature Series.

(Other group brands not included in this ranking: Redwood Creek, Barefoot, Apothic, Frei Brothers Reserve, Mirassou, Dancing Bull, Starborough)

Volume 2013: 15m 9l cases

Volume 2014: 14.5m 9l cases

Change: -3.3%

It’s all about Millennials for E&J Gallo right now and the US wine giant’s flagship Gallo brand is playing a major role in its multi-million pound assault on this youthful demographic.

Last year, the brand’s activity was heavily weighted towards spreading the Moscato craze that has gripped its domestic market into other countries including the UK. Indeed, together with its sister brand Barefoot, Gallo claims an impressive 71% share of a UK Moscato market that it values at £22m and which grew by 70% in 2014.

On top of this, Gallo complemented its recent Summer Red and Summer White additions with the similarly seasonal 2014 launches of Summer Rosé and a “smooth and soft” Autumn Red

As for 2015, this Millennial push continues, but now the brand is seeking to woo consumers with its new 5.5% abv Gallo Family Vineyards Spritz range: a pineapple and passionfruit flavoured Pinot Grigio white and a raspberry and lime flavoured Grenache rosé.

Explaining this latest move, E&J Gallo vice-president and general manager EMEA Bill Roberts told the drinks business: “There are still a lot of people, particularly younger people, who are intimidated by wine.” Based on Gallo’s research, he observed: “there are people who aspire to the sophistication of wine, but find they don’t always like the taste. We want to break down that barrier.”

16 Responses to “Top 10 wine brands 2015”

  1. Armen Shahbazian says:

    Very informative articles and I enjoy reading them.

  2. Thanks for letting us know the supermarket brands, wines that wine merchants should not stock.

    • Reality says:

      This is obviously an article about BUSINESS and PROFIT. Things that wine merchants have a second grade education on.

  3. lien dang says:

    Mix Food and Cocktails
    6950 Lebanon #104
    Would love to tasting and wine dealer maybe?

  4. Brian says:

    Every one of these brands is mass produced, manipulated garbage. They represent all that is wrong with he wine industry today. Shame!

    • Wombles says:

      Given all the food health audits those producers have to go through to get listed by the big retailers, the “manipulated garbage” statement sounds quite ridiculous to me. I wonder if you actually tried any of them. Personally I like drinking 6 out of those 10 brands listed and they are somewhat streamlined, but well made wines. Not my favorites, but good wines anyways. If it wasn’t for those wines, people with less knowledge on wine and less budget would probably rather not drink wine or enter the wine category at all.
      One of the problems with wine is, that there are too many people with a snob attitude towards bestsellers, instead of being happy that people actually drink wine and then hopefully someday trade up into what you probably consider “not-garbage” wine.
      No one obliges you to buy those wines if you don’t feel like it and those wines do not limit your access to wines you like. In the UK you have access to virtually any wine produced.

      • Igor Beron says:

        Great answer! I’m with you.

      • Richard says:

        Great reply. Agreed that these wines are mass produced however their quality is still very good for the price that you pay for them. These wines are perfect everyday drinking wines and apt for someone totally new to wines.

  5. sam says:

    Interesting and enlightening list of durable brands! Speaks volumes of the American wine drinker.

  6. Bryan says:

    Brian, I don’t just agree with your name but also your comment. I hear all the time and understand the point Wombles makes about the “gateway” mass produced environmentally unsustainable cheap wines getting people in the door but then we should also support rainforest beef hamburger to encourage people to someday trade up to prime rib. And don’t get me started on how barefoot donates to the surfrider foundation. That’s hypocrisy if I’ve ever seen it! WE ALL VOTE WITH OUR DOLLARS. please wake up. (Really, 6 out of the 10?)

  7. baboo says:

    mass-produced monkey piss.

  8. kamla mahar says:

    I am kamla mahar uttarakhand himlya wine this madsin 300 pss Rs. 1000000 one ps

  9. vikrant says:

    i am a hotel mngmant studant in oxford college rewadi . i want know abut wine

  10. Michel says:

    Sparkling aren’t included ? Freixenet would rank 4th with 13.8 M cases.

  11. mark semmens says:

    As a winemaker i can appreciate these tecnologically correct, quickly forgetable,taste like their made by the accountants,entry level bottles as having a worthy stepping stone purpose allowing vinous flavour to be a personal evolution and pursuit.. Also, quite importantly they are primarily responsible for keeping beer where it belongs, beneath wine! forever!

    Mark Semmens Tasmania www.

  12. Mrinmoy Das says:

    Very nice to see the world super drinks

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