Drinks industry ‘bitterly disappointed’ by government ruling on low/no alcohol labelling

Drinks industry leaders have slammed the Department of Health and Social Care's decision not to change the current descriptors for low and no-alcohol products.

Pabst sues MillerCoors in bitter legal spat

US brewer Pabst has launched a lawsuit against rival MillerCoors claiming that it is trying to put it out of business by terminating a long-term contract brewing agreement, which it says would be the end for its flagship Pabst Blue Ribbon brand.

Finnish Brewery creates beer honouring US troops who drank Iceland dry

A Finish brewery has made a beer celebrating NATO troops who caused Reykjavik's bars to run out of beer this month during a four-day exercise in Iceland.

Blue Moon creator Keith Villa will launch his cannabis beer next month

Ex-Molson Coors brewer and the man who made Blue Moon — Keith Villa — is about to bring his latest project to market; a non-alcoholic cannabis beer that gets you high.

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