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August 2018

New heights

How Argentina’s Malbec producers are reaching their peak

Argentina should make Malbec with a sense of place, not turn its back on the grape in a quest for diversity

Seal of approval

Does closure type affect how a wine is perceived?

Technology in the closures industry has come on apace, with proponents of each type of seal

Trend spotting

10 drinks trends making a splash in UK retail

The fast-moving UK drinks retail sector sees fashions come and go at a blistering pace

July 2018

Max Appeal

Passion for Tequila heats up as big players move into the category

So far, low good

We meet the brands that are raising a glass to soft serves

Next of Gin

Pink and savoury flavours lead the latest innovations

June 2018

Shore thing

Producers move to the coast to make the most of undiscovered Italy

Big spenders

Are power players forcing out Piedmont’s family firms?

Hidden gems

French regions unveil their liquid treasures

May 2018

In the pink

Rosé ruffles feathers and powers ahead

Strewth or dare

Australian wine is making a splash in the Chinese market

Return to blender

Blended whisky holds its own against single malt

April 2018

Light Brigade

Spanish producers step away from heavy reds

Fine Time

Chilean winemakers push their top tipples

New Bubbles

Champagne and Prosecco have rivals in the on-trade