The world’s best-selling gin brands right now


Brand owner: Pernod Ricard

Volume 2018: 3.1m

Volume 2019: 3.2m

Change: 3.2%

Also owned by Pernod Ricard, Beefeater shifted 3.2m cases in 2019, making it Pernod’s biggest gin brand and one of it’s best-selling brands. In 2019, Beefeater reported a 12% increase in organic sales growth, joining the company’s other top growth brands which includes Royal Salute (17%), The Glenlivet (15%) and Malibu (13%). Overall, Beefeater was credited with “very strong growth” across all regions, “in particular in UK, Latin America and Africa Middle-East” over the course of 2019, while “triple digit” sales growth of the brand was reported in Brazil.

In terms of its portfolio, In 2018, the brand launched Beefeater Pink, a gin expression infused with strawberries and targeted at “young millennials”, taking Beefeater London Dry gin as a base. It was the first innovation to be launched by The Gin Hub, a stand-alone entity that brings together three of Pernod Ricard’s gin brands: Beefeater, Plymouth, Seagram’s and Monkey 47, under one roof. Beefeater Pink was followed by the launch of Beefeater Blood Orange in 2019, underlining once more a trend for flavoured gins.

As for other gin brands making headway within Pernod’s portfolio, last year Pernod bought super-premium Italian gin brand Malfy for an undisclosed sum. The Malfy Gin range consists of four variants: Originale, Con Limone, Con Arancia and Gin Rosa, which are made using lemons from Amalfi, Sicilian blood oranges and pink grapefruits.

2 Responses to “The world’s best-selling gin brands right now”

  1. F. George Dunham, III says:

    A trick I learned from a coworker is this, when you haven’t showered and you are enjoying a martini made with Gordon’s, take a drop and dab it behind your ears and under your shirt and it will mask your body odor. Only Gordon’s works this way because it is clean and smells like soap. Otherwise you will smell like a wino.

  2. Nigel Greening says:

    And where is by far the biggest selling gin in the world… Ginebra San Miguel?

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