The world’s best-selling gin brands right now

Rum might be clipping at its heels, but gin is still king, with sales in the UK totalling £2.5 billion in 2019. But which are the world’s biggest and best-selling gin brands?

Sales of gin in the UK totalled £2.5 billion in the year to June 2019, according to the latest stats from the WSTA, with more than 82 million bottles sold. Gin exports also reached £672 million, HMRC figures show, demonstrating a continued thirst for gin worldwide, with the UK the world’s biggest exporter of the spirit.

According to the WSTA, over 80 million bottles of gin were sold in the UK in the 12 months to June 2019, with the spirit performing particularly well in the on-trade. In this channel, sales grew 51% by volume and 52% by value to total over £1.5 billion in 2019. In the off-trade sales totalled £961m, up 34% on last year.

Speaking in November following the release of its latest market report, Miles Beale, chief executive of the WSTA, said gin was “still king” in terms of growth and innovation, but that there was signs that consumers were starting to become more adventurous, with an opportunity for rum emerging.

However the Covid-19 crisis has thrown uncertainty into the market, with the IWSR forecasting a significant slow-down in growth of spirits, including gin. Consumers are now beginning to show signs of “gin fatigue”, says analysts, who forecast that while whisky and gin will likely rebound the fastest to pre-Covid-19 levels, it could take up to four years for sales to fully recover.

Mark Meek, chief executive of IWSR, said that bar and restaurant closures will have a lasting effect on the alcohol industry worse than “anything we’ve experienced before”.

“Even the downturn following the 2008 financial crisis was less severe than what we are seeing now,” he said. “In many ways, 2019 was perhaps the last ‘normal’ year for the drinks industry.”

With this in mind, we have rounded up the world’s best-selling international gin brands – those that have shifted more than a million cases in 2019.

Click through for our round up of the world’s best-selling gin brands….

(Figures are based on the number of nine-litre cases sold globally. All figures have been obtained directly from brand owners, unless otherwise stated.)

2 Responses to “The world’s best-selling gin brands right now”

  1. F. George Dunham, III says:

    A trick I learned from a coworker is this, when you haven’t showered and you are enjoying a martini made with Gordon’s, take a drop and dab it behind your ears and under your shirt and it will mask your body odor. Only Gordon’s works this way because it is clean and smells like soap. Otherwise you will smell like a wino.

  2. Nigel Greening says:

    And where is by far the biggest selling gin in the world… Ginebra San Miguel?

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