Top drinks marketing campaigns and news: December

Chris Noth x Ambhar Tequila

Chris Noth and db editor Lucy Shaw.

At the Tequila brand’s first tasting in London last month, owner and Sex and the City star Chris Noth revealed he believes Ambhar is “better” than fellow actor George Clooney’s Casamigos brand.

Promoting the brand at an event at Boisdale in Belgravia, Noth said: “Casamigos is a great product and is sold in a great way, but I believe Ambhar is a better Tequila as it’s richer and more complex. There’s room in the market for both.”

The American actor, known for his roles on Law & Order and The Good Wife, revealed to db that he’s planning a series of commercials for the brand that he’s due to star in, which run with the tagline: ‘Why not?’

“One of them is going to be set in a bar like Rick’s Café in Casablanca. There’s going to be a guy at the bar who’s too shy to buy a beautiful stranger a drink. Then I swoop in and slam a bottle of Ambhar on the bar and say, ‘why not?’”

Noth has taken on the role of creative director for Ambhar and is busy growing the brand in the US and UK, where it will go on sale in the spring.

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