Fourteen promising drinks inventions unveiled in 2018

8th August, 2018 by Phoebe French

Hangover pill 

Could the pain from last night’s overindulgence be a thing of the past? In May, news broke that a chemical engineer and his team are developing a hangover pill that will allow the body to process alcohol at a faster rate.

Having tested the pill on mice, it was found to reduce the blood alcohol level by 45% in just four hours.

Levels of acetaldehyde – a chemic compound produced during the metabolisation of alcohol which causes headaches, vomiting and blushing after drinking – were also found to be “extremely low”.

While avoiding that splitting headache and next day nausea is a bonus, the pill has a serious message too.

Professor Lu stated that the pill is “something all college students would appreciate” but that it also prevents….

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2 Responses to “Fourteen promising drinks inventions unveiled in 2018”

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