6 times beer made the world a better place

Last week, Brewdog released its second protest beer, this time taking on Donald Trump’s lukewarm attitude to climate change.

But the madcap Scottish brewery isn’t the only one honing hops to change the world for the better.

From protesting against the POTUS to charity festivals, campaigning for good causes and irreverent PR stunts are hallmarks of the booming craft beer industry.

Brewers are increasingly in-tune with the values of their primarily millennial audience.

While beer sales in pubs across the UK have fallen by their highest margin in recent history, the number of breweries in continues to rise.

Increasingly, these small business owners are using their products to raise awareness of social injustice and environmental issues.

Inspired by Brewdog, we’ve taken a look back at the most colourful campaigns to come out of the 21st century so far, from brewing with leftover bread to sending cases of craft ales to the Kremlin.

Keep scrolling to see the good work being done by the craft beer industry across the world.

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