Top 10 best-selling wine brands

7th July, 2020 by Lauren Eads


Brand owner: E&J Gallo Winery

CEO: Joseph E. Gallo

Head office: 600 Yosemite Boulevard, Modesto, CA, 95354 USA

Tel: +1 209 341 3063


UK Tel: +44 (0)1895 813 444

Product range: Barefoot Bubbly, Barefoot Red, Barefoot White, Barefoot Pink, Barefoot Hard Seltzer, Barefoot Spritzer, On Tap, Wine to go.

Volume 2018: 22.5m

Volume 2019: 22.5m (Industry estimate)

Change: 0%

The biggest of E&J Gallo’s wine brands, Barefoot shifted an estimated 22.5m cases globally in 2019, according to industry estimates, putting it miles ahead of its nearest competitors. According to Nielsen, the Barefoot brand has grown by 19.2% in value over the past 12 months, increasing its revenue by £21m.

Not a brand to take itself too seriously, its roots date back to 1965, when California winemaker Davis Bynum first created Barefoot Bynum Burgundy in his garage. He would crush the grapes barefoot, hence the name, which is intended to invoke the brand’s free-spirited beginnings. In 1986 entrepreneurs Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey came on board, renaming the company as Barefoot Cellars and creating the brand’s instantly recognisable footprint label. Currently Barefoot’s chief winemaker is Jennifer Wall, a mother of three and Californian native.

The brand currently has around 75 wines in….

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One Response to “Top 10 best-selling wine brands”

  1. C Pepper says:

    A well written and informative article. Thanks.
    We know now which manufacturers to try to avoid.
    I prefer wines made by wine makers, not by huge conglomerates with businessmen, marketing executives and chemists in charge.
    However I suppose it provides competition and as such these people help to keep the prices down.
    Am I too cynical?

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