Top 10 best-selling wine brands

7th July, 2020 by Lauren Eads

It seems naive now to think that, just five months ago, Brexit was the wine trade’s biggest issue. As the Covid-19 pandemic progresses, analysts are painting a bleak future for economic recovery. Difficult times no doubt lay ahead, but for now the wine trade is optimistic. Some brands are better placed than others to weather the storm.

This ranking is based on figures confirmed for 2019. While the landscape may have changed significantly since, and will continue to shift over the course of 2020, the following pages show the wine brands that dominate the global market for now.

They account for a vast swathe of volumes, consumed in huge quantities the world over.

Many producers on this list are changing their marketing strategies, going from boasting about their dominance of the market, to instead highlight their dedication to making a premium product.

We’ve known for a while that consumers are choosing to drink “less but better”, while younger consumers are apparently shunning wine altogether. As a result, drinks groups are scrambling to plug gaps in demand with alternative, wine-based beverages.

Wine consumption fell by 0.9% in the US last year, the first….

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One Response to “Top 10 best-selling wine brands”

  1. C Pepper says:

    A well written and informative article. Thanks.
    We know now which manufacturers to try to avoid.
    I prefer wines made by wine makers, not by huge conglomerates with businessmen, marketing executives and chemists in charge.
    However I suppose it provides competition and as such these people help to keep the prices down.
    Am I too cynical?

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