Top 10 weird and wacky drinks gadgets

2. The Rugbeer machine

A beer company in Argentina has produced a vending machine for drinkers that needs to be “tackled” before it’ll dispense a drink.

The machine, called Rugbeer, is designed so that you have to tackle it to get your beer.

After inserting the necessary coins, the drinker is required to ram the vending machine at speed. A so-called “pussy meter” on the front of the machine indicates the strength of your hit – a woeful whack won’t deliver a beer, while a solid smash will.

The Rugbeer machines, designed by creative agency Ogilvy for beer brand Cerveza Salta, have reportedly proved popular with drinkers in the rugby-loving Salta Province located in the north of the country.

According to the beer company, the unique machine has helped boost sales of Cerveza Salta by 25% in bars where it was installed.

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    I don’t find No.8….

  2. Martin Crummy says:

    Hey, We have added an extra page to the post now, so that page 8 is easier to find. Let us know if you are still having issues.

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