Top 10 weird and wacky drinks gadgets

 10. West Coast Chill, Self-Chilling Can

Claiming to be the world’s first self-chilling energy drink, this device apparently drops 30 degrees Farenheit in three minutes when you turn it upside down and push a button.

“We take reclaimed CO2 that’s out there in the atmosphere and we inject the gaseous CO2 into the activated carbon,” CEO Mitchell Joseph said.

“Once you push the button down, it starts pulling heat from the beverage and dissipating it out through the bottom of the can.”


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  1. Eiray says:

    I don’t find No.8….

  2. Martin Crummy says:

    Hey, We have added an extra page to the post now, so that page 8 is easier to find. Let us know if you are still having issues.

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