Six new ways to become a wine, beer or spirits expert in 2020

Become a Spanish wine maestro

Much like the WSET, the Wine Scholar Guild offers highly sought-after and respected courses on wine appreciation, but instead of providing a broad overview of global industry, WSG offers programs focusing on specific nations and winegrowing regions. Having already launched French Wine Scholar and Italian Wine Scholar programs in recent years, WSG officially launched a new Spanish Wine Scholar program this October.

It has been created by Spanish wine specialist Rick Fisher the Spanish Wine Scholar Education Director.

The textbook students are given at the start of their course covers all of the important wine growing regions of Spain in nine chapters. Each includes an overview of the history, climate, topography, soils, grapes, and viticulture/viniculture of each autonomous area. Specific wine appellations are then discussed in their respective regional chapter.

The Spanish Wine Scholar curriculum is comprised of eight classes lasting around two and a half hours each, and a final exam usually held on the same evening over consecutive weeks. All students receive a comprehensive study book as well as access t interactive E-Learning Modules, and an average of 8-12 wines will be tasted per class with some matching with typical regional foods, depending on the course provider you go with.

This course covers all the regions of Spain in-depth, as well as an overview of key export markets, so it is ideal for those currently studying or have just completed a WSET Level 3 or Level 4 as an perfect supplement, but it could also be suitable for anyone with a huge amount of enthusiasm for Spanish wine.

To find course providers, or to sign up for online study, click here.

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  1. David Glancy says:

    Great article and I would add one more. We launched Northwest Wine Appellation Specialist (NWAS) in 2019 to complement California Wine Appellation Specialist (CWAS) which we launched online in 2013 and in-class in 2012. These are in addition to San Francisco Wine School offering all 3 of Wine Scholar Guild’s programs, Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) from Society of Wine Educators, Somm Essentials, Wine Program Management, Intermediate and Advanced Tasting programs and collaborating with Grape Experience for their offering of WSET programs. Our school launched in 2011 with the mission of bringing all relevant credentials under one roof and being a hub for wine professionals and enthusiasts alike. We have grown to become the largest wine school in the USA with intensive and online available for students globally. Our 4,000 square foot education and event center is near San Francisco International Airport.
    David Glancy, MS, CWE

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