Broader fine wine market rises in June

As well as the Fine Wine 100 seeing a small upward blip in June, the broader market as measured by Liv-ex’s Fine Wine 1000 index also rose last month.

It was reported earlier this week that the ‘100’ index finally had a positive month for the first time this year.

The ‘1000’ index has also been drifting this year and so a 0.7% gain in June is a rare ‘win’, though Liv-ex noted on its blog that, “sterling’s considerable weakness against both the euro and the dollar over the past eight weeks has played a role in this nascent recovery”.

All of the constituent sub-indices bar the Rest of the World 50 saw gains last month, with the Rhône 100 leading the way, up 1.6%, closely followed by the Champagne 50, up 1.4%.

The Burgundy 150 was also up for the first time this year but just 0.4% and it is down 6.2% on the year to date. On the other hand it has risen so far in recent years that it is still up 14% over a one year period and 94% over the last five years – by far the best-performing sub-index.

As with the Fine Wine 100, components of the Bordeaux 500 index will be updated with the 2005 vintage making way for the now physical 2016.

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