Cru commits to sustainability plan

Cru World Wine has announced it is to implement a new sustainability plan to help lower and off-set its carbon emissions.

The plan is part of a new wave of initiatives the merchant plans to implement to help tackle its environmental impact.

These will include an annual Environmental Impact Assessment and on-going efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

The newly implemented plan has four main components:

  • Reduction of unnecessary stock movements: with storage in Singapore, Bordeaux, Hong Kong and London, from 1 June Cru has said it will offer lower purchase prices to clients who choose to store their wine in the warehouse location where the wine first lands.
  • Consolidation of deliveries: Cru will encourage clients to consolidate deliveries by increasing its minimum order value for free delivery.
  • CO2 emissions published: Cru will publish on its website the amount of CO2 produced by each stock movement and delivery so clients can better understand their environmental impact and plan their transfers and deliveries accordingly.
  • Carbon off-setting: Even with the above changes implemented, Cru estimated it will still generate 250 tonnes of CO2 per year so it has committed to offset these emissions entirely through a VTS-certified carbon reduction programme.

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