Top 10 food and drink trends for 2019


One of the biggest restaurant trends this year will be the continuing growth of the takeaway sector, as companies like Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats grow their share of the market. While we still love going out, the convenience of having our favourite restaurant dishes delivered to our door is proving irresistible, offering the best of both worlds by marrying the quality of restaurant food with the cosiness of home.

According to research from MCA Insight, the UK restaurant delivery business is now worth a whopping £8.1 billion, with London accounting for the lion’s share of recent growth. Having launched as recently as 2016, Uber Eats grew its share of the market by 24% last year, while Just Eat enjoyed 12.5% growth. Interestingly, the most popular dish ordered on Deliveroo is the Five Guys burger, proving that people are using the service to enjoy their favourite comfort foods rather than fine dining dishes.

While the business model may be beneficial for restaurants seeking alternative sources of revenue, it may ultimately prove harmful for many sites as diners increasingly opt for convenience and comfort over the glitz and glamour of going out for dinner.

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