Beavertown’s Heineken deal: How the industry reacted

Hop, Burns & Black, a bottle shop-cum-record store-cum-artisan hot sauce purveyor in south London, announced on its website that it will stop selling Beavertown once it has cleared the remaining stock, despite the fact that its beers make up 8% of the shop’s total revenue.

“We are, frankly, f*cking gutted about this but we feel strongly that we need to be true to our principles and our support of independent beer.

“Beavertown has been hugely instrumental in developing the UK craft beer scene and to sell to Heineken (no matter what the share) feels, quite frankly, like a slap in the face.

Heineken – like AB InBev – does not have the health of the UK independent beer scene at heart. Dressing up this move as good for the consumer is just spin – in reality this is simply helping Big Beer chip away at the UK independent beer scene. As independent retailers whose business is also at risk from Big Beer’s targeting of the industry, we cannot support this.”

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