10 celebrities who have launched Tequila brands

4. Adam Levine and Sammy Hagar – Santo Mezquila

Adam Levine. Photograph: Christina R

Launch: 2017
Price: From $55 (£39)

This Tequila offers two celebrity founders for the price of one. Hagar is the Van Halen singer hired to replace David Lee Roth. Levine is the Maroon 5 frontman with the moves like Jagger.

Together they have created mezquila – a cross between Tequila and mezcal. Mezcal, Tequila’s bold-flavoured cousin, is also made from agave, but unlike Tequila it’s not restricted to blue agave and can be made anywhere in Mexico, not just in Jalisco.

Hagar and Levine couldn’t agree whether to make Tequila or mezcal, so compromised by mixing the two together and discovered they actually liked the taste. Santo Mezquila is the first product to blend Tequila and mezcal in this way.

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