Non-alcoholic ‘most exciting’ drinks category, new report claims


The original non-alcoholic spirit launched on the market in November 2015 and soon caught the attention of high spec bars in London, and also Diageo itself. Flavoured with a selection botanicals but avoiding juniper so that it doesn’t emulate gin, the drink launched a second line last summer, with a fresher, less intense hit courtesy of its peas, hay and hops botanicals. However more lines are planned, with  a third spirit due to come to market next year, along with limited edition seasonal line and a dark spirit.

The company, which scooped the Drinks Business Launch of the Year Award in May, is currently expanding its presence in the US while eyeing up other major cities across the world.

Talking about the brand’s success to db recently, founder Ben Branson admitted it was “99% down to timing”.

“The timing was perfect – if we had launched two years earlier, it would have been too early, but with things like the sugar tax debate and the rise of craft spirits, it is like being in the slip-stream of a bigger force or trend”.

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  1. Ejini stanley says:

    Diageo improves life with non alcoholic DRINKS and its most life sustained drinks.
    life goes on with diageo….

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