Six white grapes to watch in the Douro

1. And finally… Viognier


Viognier originates from the northern Rhône, and is famous for being the sole grape in Condrieu

This international grape originates in the northern Rhône and is favoured by Charles Symington, who believes that it could be the source of a Douro fine white of the future.

Favouring acid soils in hot regions, it is certainly naturally well adapted to the Douro, and fits with a Symington sentiment that a great Douro white should resemble one from the Rhône.

“I like Viognier a lot and I think it could be very interesting for making a wood-aged white from the Douro,” Charles Symington told db.

He also said that using an international grape to make a varietal white in the Douro would be a big departure from the traditional approach.

“Very few wines from the Douro are mono-variety, or use foreign grapes,” he stated.

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