Top 10 Spanish restaurants in Hong Kong

Vasco – Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan

The newest addition to the Spanish dining scene, opening at the newly renovated Police Married Quarters (PMQ) site on Aberdeen Street in Soho – apparently the hippest part of town in every city of the world. Very much a fine dining venue, with a recommendation that it is not a good idea to bring along children under 11 and “full table participation” being required with the tasting menus, Vasco does come across as a bit serious. So is the wine list, which is a temple to wine in general and not just Spanish. The white and sparkling selection pales a little when compared to the quite staggering array of Champagne on offer, but redeems itself with a superb selection of reds featuring a lot of aged wines which is certainly one of Spain’s strong points when it comes to the on- and off-trades. As with some other venues listed, it’s a shame not to see a Spanish restaurant really try and focus on Spanish wines – the Bordeaux, Burgundy and Barolo lists have clearly been lovingly curated but one can only hope that diners are given the chance to try some of Spain’s best offerings rather than plumping for something they’ve had before.

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