World’s most powerful Champagne and sparkling wine brands

5. Laurent Perrier


Laurent Perrier, sharing fifth place with Martini Asti, made a marginal improvement on its position this year climbing one place. This year the French brand signed a three-year partnership deal with the Devonshire-based Chatsworth Estate giving it exclusivity to be served at all of the estate’s retail outlets and events and for the Devonshire family’s private consumption.

Overall rank: 86

Owner: Famile de Nonancourt

Origin: France

Total score: 2.6%

Change: 0%

Brand score: 55.5%

Change: -1%

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  1. Interesting article, as ever. Thank you
    I can obviously understand how you can up for scores for the Hard measures, however surely the reliability of the Soft measures depend to a great extent on the size and nature of the panel. Can you tell us more about the composition and size of the panel please?

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