Jacob’s Creek creates wine for curry

Jacob’s Creek has created a new wine to pair with Thai cooking called Lamoon, meaning “soft”.

Jacob's Creek Lamoon

Jacob’s Creek Lamoon is designed to complement Thai cooking

Following the launch of Wah in April this year – a Jacob’s Creek white wine designed specifically to pair with Japanese food – winemakers at the Pernod-owned Australian wine brand have turned their attention to Thai food.

Made in collaboration with internationally-renowned Thai chef Ian Kittichai, Lamoon is a red blend which, it is claimed, will complement the array of different dishes that are served at a Thai meal.

Jacob’s Creek Wah

Jacob’s Creek launched Wah in April to complement foods using dashi or soy sauce

To create the wine, chef Kittichai visited Jacob’s Creek in the Barossa Valley and prepared six of Thailand’s most popular national dishes, which the Jacob’s Creek winemakers then tasted and tried to complement with a range of red blends.

“It was a fascinating experience working with chef Kittichai to pair wine with Thai food,” recorded Jacob’s Creek senior red winemaker Nick Bruer

“There was so much diversity in the flavours of the dishes, from the hot and sour soup, to the creamy coconut curry and the aromatic herbs that I realised we should not be looking to create a wine that competes with the food,” he added.

“Indeed, the key to creating Lamoon was to make a wine that was beautifully balanced, bringing a softness on the palate and providing flavours which worked in harmony with the dishes,” he concluded.

Launched in Thailand yesterday, the Thai word Lamoon (pronounced ‘Lah-moon’) means soft, as well as balanced and in harmony.

Earlier this year Jacob’s Creek launched Wah using grapes from the Adelaide Hills to complement foods using dashi or soy sauce – above all sushi – according to Jacob’s Creek winemaker Rebekah Richardson, who worked on the wine with Mamoru Sugiyama, Japanese sushi chef and owner of Michelin-starred sushi restaurant in Tokyo called Ginza Sushi Kou.

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