The world’s most fattening drinks

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Wine and’s unit calculator helps you to more accurately keep track of your units and your calorific consumption. As a guide to what you are consuming a pint of Carling contains 187 calories, while a pint of Guinness has 210. If you are more of an ale drinker a pint of London Pride has 199 calories and John Smith’s contains 153 per pint.

For wine drinkers a large (250ml) glass of E&J Gallo Merlot contains 170 calories while a Marques de Cáceras Reserva has 265 calories in the same sized glass. For white wine drinkers a large glass of Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay has 185 calories and Möet & Chandon contains 190 calories.

And finally for your information a standard 330ml size can of cola contains 140 calories, while a large glass of concentrated orange juice has slightly more, with 142 calories.

10 Responses to “The world’s most fattening drinks”

  1. Sharon says:

    Well, I’m glad I only drink margaritas with fresh juice!

  2. my vote is for the skinny girl

  3. Cha says:

    If you suffer from high blood sugar, it is definitely the low CARB rather than low calorie ones you should go for to avoid getting fat! Fruit juice are high in fructose, one of the sweetest types of sugar. Red wine (but avoid the rather sweet from northern Italy etc.), DRY white wine and bubbly, whisky, vodka, brandy.

    If you don’t have a blood sugar issue, I guess you could drink pretty much everything and keep counting your calories if you like. Find out about your metabolism. Then tune your eating and drinking habits to that. Simple. 🙂

  4. Nathan says:

    “there is no fat or cholesterol in the product”
    And we should care because….
    There is zero scientific proof that natural fats or dietary cholesterol are unhealthy. Look it up.

  5. golam muqtadir says:

    very nice article………….

    batidos de proteinas

  6. JimmyBazaar! says:

    That’s why is soooo Good!!!!!

  7. Shea Wickham says:

    I USED TO DRINK EGGNOGG but it was wayyy too unhealthy

  8. Julie Dray says:

    What about ciders. I switched from JOHN Smith to Alaska ciders but they are more calories. Would I be better switching to vodka and tonic. It’s true if you eat and drink and don’t burn it off then you gain weight.

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