World leaders’ favourite drinks

The former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who died today, once told her personal assistant “you must have whisky to give you energy”.

Margaret Thatcher Baroness Thatcher died in her sleep after suffering from a stroke, she was 87.  Thatcher was the UK’s first female prime minister, and she was in office from 1979 to 1990. She is widely acclaimed to be one of Britain’s most dominant political figures of the last century.

In a documentary about Baroness Thatcher’s life in 2003 her former personal assistant, Cynthia Crawford, revealed that the pair “sat up all night drinking” after the PM learned that she had only secured a narrow win in the first round of the Conservative Party leadership contest in November 1990. That contest would ultimately lead to the end of her premiership.

Crawford also said that Thatcher had told her that gin and tonic, despite being a favourite of her husband Denis, was not good for drinking through the night. Crawford said: “I remember her once saying to me: ‘Dear, you cannot drink gin and tonic in the middle of the night. You must have whisky to give you energy’.”

The former prime minister’s favourite brand is listed here, as well as the favourite drink of other world leaders.

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