Noma to re-open as an outdoor burger and wine bar

Noma in Copenhagen, which has been named the world’s best restaurant on numerous occasions, will reopen this week as an outdoor burger and wine bar.

The Noma cheeseburger will cost £12, and the menu will include a veggie option

As reported by Eater, from 21 May, René Redzepi’s award-winning restaurant will be temporarily transformed into a no reservations burger joint.

Redzepi closed Noma on 14 March, saying at the time: “These will be difficult times. On behalf of our industry, if you wish to help, rather than cancel you could perhaps postpone your reservations to a later date or even buy a gift card to support your favourite restaurant.”

The groundbreaking chef is now following in the footsteps of other fine dining restaurants, pivoting to a more casual format while lockdown restrictions are eased until the space can properly reopen.

“What crazy uncertain times. Copenhagen is about to reopen its restaurants and so will Noma. However, before we reopen Noma as we know it, we will transform into a no reservations, drop in only wine and burger bar.

“We feel in the first phase of the reopening that we want it to be open for all. We need to heal, so let’s have a glass of wine and a burger, you’re all invited,” Redzepi wrote on his Instagram feed. The Noma cheeseburger will cost £12, and the menu will include a veggie option.

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