The 10 largest craft breweries in the US 2020

9.  Stone Brewing

Founded: 1996

Location(s): Escondido, CA

Stone Brewing produced a number of highly hopped beers in the early 90s, including Arrogant Bastard, and was among the first to encourage consumers away from so-called ‘big beer’ styles of lager.

It became the first in the US to open its own bar in Europe after closing a deal to renovate a former gasworks in Berlin in 2014. Stone’s a 100-hectolitre brewery, bottling line and taproom in Germany was then snapped up by Brewdog last May.

Commenting on the reasons for selling the site to Brewdog last year, co-founder and executive chairman of Stone Brewing, Greg Koch, said: “Ultimately the project turned out to be too big, too bold and too early in our growth curve in Europe. Sure, in hindsight maybe we should have started smaller, aimed for the treeline instead of the stars.”

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  1. notsaying says:

    Could somebody tell me what Gambrinus and Duvel are doing here? Aren’t they Czech and Belgian? Also isn’t Canarchy a group of brewers, not a single brewery? And I’m still a little confused as to whether or not Yuengling should be considered craft.

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