10 US restaurants selling their wines to go

Four Horsemen, New York

Natural wine specialist Four Horsemen in Brooklyn has cut its wine list prices by as much as 50% in order to sell to-go bottles directly to consumers during the crisis. The restaurant’s wine director and co-owner, Justin Chearno, sold several thousand dollars of wine in the first 24 hours of the offer going live.

The restaurant has turned itself into a wine shop for the foreseeable future, and is offering around three-quarters of its wine list for takeaway sales, but some of the restaurant’s rarest and most obscure wines are being kept back.

Chearno asked people to e-mail him for the full list and recommendations. “Right away we were approached by people asking about the rarest wines on the list – Accomasso and Canonica Barolo, older vintage Yvon Metras, very serious and specific things. We sold out of all the Bruyère Houillon in two hours,” Cheamo told Wine Enthusiast.

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