Mackmyra CEO to step down after 21 years

The CEO of Swedish distillery Mackmyra, Magnus Dandanell, is stepping down after more than 20 years at the helm.

Mackmyra partnered with Microsoft last year to create what it claims is the first whisky “developed with artificial intelligence”.

Johan Larsson will take over as CEO, while Dandanell will move to the position of business developer at the company.

Dandanell has headed up the whisky-maker since it was founded in 2009. During his tenure he oversaw a series of lucrative partnerships. Mackmyra worked with Finnish technology consultancy Fourkind and US electronics giant Microsoft to create what it claims is the first whisky “developed with artificial intelligence” in May 2019.

“It is with pride and confidence that, after more than two decades, I hand over the helm to a strong leader like Johan. With his strengths and skills, Mackmyra will be able to develop further and reach its full potential. I am also pleased to now be able to focus on Mackmyra’s business development, especially in light of the major changes that the global alcohol industry is undergoing, both in terms of consumer behaviour and internet based disruption.”

Larsson has held several senior positions in both owner-managed and public listed companies. He was was previously chief financial officer of fashion company Peak Performance, and has worked as the COO and the CEO of various entrepreneurial companies like WeSC, Whyred and Mini Rodini.

Through his own consultancy business, he has also acted as an advisor to investment companies, and has also been a member of the board of several companies, including branding company Nilörngruppen, footwear accessories by Paul Brunngård, helmet manufacturer Hövding and outdoor company Houdini Sportswear.

Larsson said: “Throughout my entire career I have always worked with growing strong consumer brands by means of international expansion. This is one of the reasons why I have been following Mackmyra with fascination for many years, both as a shareholder and as a cask owner. What Magnus and the team have accomplished is truly impressive. It is with great excitement and inspiration that I now take over the relay baton as the new CEO, with the task of taking the foremost craft spirit company in Sweden through the next growth phase.”


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