London bar launches ‘Terroir’ cocktail menu inspired by European wine regions

The K Bar inside The Kensington hotel in west London has launched a cocktail list called Terroir that takes inspiration from famous European wine regions.

Created by bar manager Salvatore Maggio and Master of Wine, Anne McHale, each of the 15 cocktails on the list are designed to showcase the characteristics and flavours imparted by some of the world’s top terroirs, from Champagne to Meursault.

Among the wine regions explored within the menu are Alsace in France, Porto in Portugal, the Mosel in Germany and Piedmont in Italy.

Alongside each cocktail is a description of the terroir specifics of the region, including the climate and soil type, the native grape varieties grown there, the types of wine made there, and produce specific to the region, such as olive oil and quince from Jerez, hazelnuts and white truffles from Piedmont, lavender and lamb from the Rhône, and cherries and almonds from Porto.

“I’m delighted to be launching the Terroir menu and can’t wait for our guests to take a taste tour through Europe to sample innovative new cocktails and explore the flavours that are imparted by some of the world’s most celebrated terroirs,” Maggio said.

Dovetailing with the cocktail list, the bar bites menu shines a light on some of the local produce from the revered wine regions, such as Provençal chickpea panisses with ratatouille, and Rías Baixas-inspired padrón peppers with smoked paprika breadcrumbs.

Click through for pictures and recipes of our top ten picks from the new menu.

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