Fine wine predictions for 2020

La Place evolution

Another feature of the past few years has been a steady uptick in the number of non-French estates, especially US, Italian and South American wineries, joining La Place de Bordeaux.

Some, such as Opus One, Dominus and Sassicaia, have been part of that scene for over 10 years now and their rising stars might be partially attributed to their enhanced distribution by the Bordelais négoce.

As other brands from the New World start to try and expand their presence and reputation further afield it’s no surprise many of them have turned to such well connected middle-men.

It will take time of course but better late than never. It’s also a boon for négoce on La Place, as it gives them another revenue stream and an opportunity to take their minds of all the unsold en primeur claret on their books.

The fact that many of these estates signing up to La Place have links to Bordeaux through châteaux owners, some of whom have interests in négoce is another fact that can’t be overlooked.

Nonetheless, La Place is not a magic cure-all. Opus One and Sassicaia have built up their credentials steadily for over 15 years now but there’s a feeling that some estates are coming in a little too high, too quickly.

There’s also the problem that the more labels join La Place, while it creates a buying opportunity in what is otherwise a slightly fallow period in mid to late autumn, it’s a very fragmented offering with a mix of labels that don’t always have huge traction competing with one another.

We can expect to see more estates choosing representation through La Place but results will be slower to show themselves.

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  1. Peter says:

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