Fine wine labels to watch in 2020

There’s a very established order to the fine wine secondary market with a lot of well-known labels well-ensconced in their leather armchairs in front of the club drawing room’s fire reading the paper – but who are the brash young things breaking the number one rule of no chandelier swinging before dinner?

This year’s Power 100 list compiled by Liv-ex showed a particularly interesting turnover at the very top of the order.

For the first time there were no first growths in the top 10 – with the exception of Latour which was clinging on by the very last of its fingernails in joint 10th place.

Burgundy ruled the roost instead, backed up by a coterie of Champagne and a lone Italian.

With Bordeaux generally continuing to lose market share in the increasingly broader world of fine wine, for the first time in a while there feels as though there are some potential membership spots up for grabs.

Who though will receive the invitation? In this particular case, being present on this year’s Power 100 list is a pre-requisite.

Here are our suggestions for a few that might get the nod.

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  1. Bruce Susel says:

    Shop local, support your local independent retailer. @abiraus

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