Fine wine predictions for 2020

Burgundy slows but grows

The big development this year has been the final grinding to a halt of the Burgundian juggernaut. The Burgundy sub-index on the Fine Wine 1000 was the worst-performing this year down 7.2%.

Prices at the very top have become very toppy. It’s not the bursting of a bubble because there is still demand for the wines but a ceiling has been reached and so many are bobbing up and down like boats in a harbour.

The ‘trickledown’ effect is also well underway with more Burgundy producers attracting attention. In this year’s Power 100 the number of Burgundians grew from 29 to 34 labels.

The 2018 vintage from Burgundy which is being officially unveiled next month is a big one so there will be lots to go around, prices should be stable so there’s a chance to sell lots of wine and make loadsamoney which will be a real fillip for the region and merchants right off the bat.

But the trend for slower growth and even slight decline will continue in the Liv-ex indices. This isn’t a sign of actual decline though, it’s part of a maturing process as more Burgundy labels come to the fore and a certain measure of liquidity is introduced.

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