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Patrón starts selling on Instagram

In more Gen Z news, Tequila brand Patrón has become the first alcoholic drinks brand that you can order via photo sharing app Instagram.

The pioneering brand partnered with social video agency MikMak to allow adult Instagram users in 48 US states to buy bottles of Patrón by swiping up on an advert in Instagram Stories.

The purchases are processed by third-party partners Drizly, Instacart and ReserveBar. To ensure the brand isn’t sold to minors, buyers will have their IDs scanned when the product is delivered to them.

Two Instagram Stories adverts, which people can buy Patrón through, focus on Tequila education. The move is illustrative of Instagram’s evolution into becoming a shopping platform as well as a photo sharing app.

“For us, it’s really about using modern tech to tell a handcrafted story,” Adrian Parker, Patrón’s global vice-president of marketing, told Ad Week.

“We’re a Tequila company and not a technology company. This is just the beginning, one little step into the future of how you’ll engage with spirit brands,” he added.

MikMak provides Patrón with insights into who is swiping on the ad and their average order value. “Instagram is becoming the new digital shelf. It’s where product discovery is happening, and not just around fashion and beauty,” said MikMak’s founder, Rachel Tipograh.

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