Prowine China 2019: The first-timers of the show


Formed earlier this year, Austrian Family Estates is an organisation that brings together some family-owned boutique wineries to present them around China. This is the group’s first year in Prowine China.

Andreas Nittnaus from sweet wine producer Nittnaus followed the organisation to take part in the show. He saw that there is a growing interest in Austrian wines as some Asian-based wine experts have started to notice the country. “Most Asian consumers have tried wines from major wine regions and now they start to look for something niche. Austrian wine fits in the gap well, given the quality is solid,” he said.

The wine estate of lies on the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl in the central part of Gols, situated on the decline of the Parndorf Plateau towards Heideboden. He is very confident in his wines after participating trade shows in Hong Kong for two consecutive years where, “we received many positive feedbacks, this shows we are able to impress people with our quality.” Recently, the winery’s TBA was listed in business class for customers of Asiana Airlines.

Currently producing 500,000 to 600,000 yearly, Nittnaus revealed its ambitions to expand, yet it is doing so strategically as it doesn’t expect quick growth. “The market for sweet wine is not big worldwide so we are taking it slowly. Yet from my experience here in Prowine China, I am impressed by how open minded the local visitors are. Some of them were so curious as they don’t know we are a wine producing country.”

“Of course we want to grow our sales and meet our customers, but joining the fair, I hope we can promote Austrian wines in the market and live up to the legacy of our winemaking tradition.”

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