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The Edinburgh Fringe may have just kicked today, but the best improv show we’ve heard about this week was organised from a dual carriageway somewhere between Cambridge and the north circular.

What do you do when you are stuck in traffic on the M11, when you should be hosting a gin masterclass in distant London?

Phone-in is the answer.

So The Telegraph readers expecting a gin masterclass from the youthful, female director of Palmer’s Gin producer Langley Distillery at The Hurlingham Club were more than surprised when Natalie Wallis Palmer was suddenly transformed into “long-matured, earthy, flat-faced Rupert Ponsonby” (their words, not ours), who became a Palmer for an hour on Thursday (1 August).

He spoke about the History of Gin, the 200 year history of the alcohol distiller Langley Distillery and the launch of Palmers London Dry Gin in remembrance of Granny (Angela) Palmer, who left the family her recipe in her will.

Ponsonby didn’t feel like giving up his new persona too quickly. He and his red suspenders relaxed with a G&T and a browse of the papers afterwards.

Our spies told us poor Palmer was stuck on the M11 for “hours and hours”, but she did manage to make her 6pm slot at least.

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