Where winemakers dine: Louis-Fabrice Latour

The CEO of Burgundy stalwart Maison Louis Latour, Louis-Fabrice Latour, reveals his fondness for Chinese food and why Londoners are spoilt for choice in terms of wine.

1.  What is your favourite restaurant in London? 
There are many amazing restaurants in London but the one that I love for its atmosphere, its well created Chinese cuisine and wonderful hospitality is The Mandarin Kitchen in Queensway.  Alex Cheung (I knew his father!) runs a great operation and for a low key, enjoyable night out this is a place that I return to as often as I can.

2.  Where / what is your favourite wine offering in London and what would be your go-to first glass of wine when you get there? 
I love going back to Frederick’s restaurant in Islington.  They always have a great range of wines, many by the glass.  My first glass of wine would be something new that I may not have tried before.  I would ask them to choose for me and am never disappointed.

3.  How does London compare with other big metropolitan cities of the world for the quality of its wine offering?
With my job I travel the world and eat it many of the great cities.  London is now a match for anywhere else in the world especially when it comes to the wine selection.  The choice and variety is outstanding but so too is the passion of those who buy and serve the wines.  You are spoilt for choice in this great city!




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