Where winemakers dine: Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger

As part of a new series where top winemakers reveal their favourite dining spots in London, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger praises Adam Handling’s lobster mac ‘n’ cheese and explains why he’s rather partial to a pint of beer.

1. What is your favourite restaurant in London?

I adore the Frog by Adam Handling in Covent Garden. We launched our new vintage of Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2007 there last summer. The food was stunning, such a talented young chef. His famous lobster mac ‘n’ cheese was sublime with our new vintage.

2. Where / what is your favourite wine offering in London and what would be your go-to first glass of wine when you get there?

Actually am I allowed to have a pint of beer, for me that is always a treat when I come to the UK!

3. How does London compare to other big global cities in terms of the wine lists you find there?

London has the most amazing choice of wine – in France our lists tend to be very regional and this is the same in Italy and Spain. We do not get the diversity you have in London. I love the variety you have and if I want to try something from Slovakia, Uruguay or even China, I can find it in London.

Last year, Frog by Adam Handling was placed 50th in Wine List Confidential’s top 100 restaurants for wine.




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