Top drinks supplier changes and partnerships: February

Terralta Tequila x Chopin Exports

Terralta Tequila has entered into a distribution agreement with Chopin Exports in the UK which will see its blanco, 110 proof blanco, reposado, anejo and extra anejo be available across the US from 1 May.

The Tequilas range in price from US$49 to $229 a bottle. The producer uses hand-picked agave and the same natural yeast strain that it has developed for the past 80 years.

Chuck Kane, COO of Chopin Imports, said: “Terralta is exactly the type of brand we strive to work with – a family-owned company that its founders personally supervise each step of the farm to bottle process. They are innovative while staying true to the traditional way of making tequila.”

“Whether it is agave selection or bottling, Felipe [third-generation tequila producer, Felipe Camarena] is laser-focused on extracting the most flavour out of the best ingredients to create a superior spirit. We are excited to have Terralta Tequila as our newest partner.”

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