Top 10 drinking myths, legends and ancient rituals

Li Bai


Li Bai was the most prominent poet throughout the Tang Dynasty.

Li Bai was a Chinese poet who lived from AD 701 to 762, gaining high esteem during the time of the Tang Dynasty.

During his life he produced more than 900 poems drawing on his own life, social reality and the spirit of the high Tang Dynasty.

Among the most famous are “Waking from Drunkenness on a Spring Day”, “The Hard Road to Shu”, and “Quiet Night Thought”, which is still used to teach students in China.

According to legend, Li Bai, who had a liking for liquor, was out on a boat drinking when, in an attempt to try and kiss the reflection of the moon, fell overboard and drowned.

Ironically, one of his poems was called “Alone and Drinking Under the Moon”.

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