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Also in competitive service news, this stylish bunch are battling it out to win Patrón Tequila’s 2019 Margarita of the Year competition. challenging eight bartenders from eight cities worldwide to create their own unique twist on the Mexican mix.

The public will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite recipe once a day until the end of April, just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

The bartenders in the running are:

1. Jacyara de Oliveira (Chicago, Illinois) has made the Paseo Margarita

Created with coconut and basil


2. Samuel Jimenez (Oakland, California), has made the Pasifika Margarita

Created with coconut and pineapple

3. Natalie Jacob (New York, USA) has made the Golden Hour Margarita

Created with pineapple and tumeric


4. Tyler Kitzman (Miami, Florida) has made the Flamingo Park Margarita

Created with grapefruit


5. Adrian Rosales (Guadalajara, Mexico) has made the Margarita Caliente

Created with passionfruit and chipotle


6. Cristian Bugiada (Rome, Italy) has made the Margarita Amore

Created with apple and chilli pepper


7. Jay Khan (Hong Kong) has made the Dynasty Margarita

Created with lychee and ginger


8. And Makina Labrecque (Calgary, Canada) has made the Wild Rose Margarita

Created with juniper and rose


There are a number of ways to vote for the best. To find out more, head to

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