Biggest drinks trade acquisitions of 2018

With another year behind us we look back at the biggest deals that were finalised in 2018, which saw Tequila continue to dominate and two of Spain’s most historic sparkling wine producers sell off large stakes in their business.

Bacardi made headlines with its astronomical $5.1 billion acquisition of Patron, showing the continuing strength of Tequila, which proved to be the tipple of choice for one ‘big’ named celebrity. While Ryan Reynolds made his first steps into the gin market.

2018 brought with its a worrying start for the now defunct Conviviality, which following its acquisition of Matthew Clark and Bibendum in the prior years, hit the rocks after failing to account for a £30 million tax bill.

Thrown into chaos, it was left to AB InBev and cider maker C&C to swoop in and save the stricken distributors from Conviviality.

Elsewhere, the cannabis market has continued to grow. Constellation, who bought a $114m stake in Canopy Growth in 2017, upped their investment by $4 billion in August, taking a 38% stake in the company.

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