Bibendum: Top wine trends for 2019

8. Sake keeps diversifying

Ready to drink sake with flowers of blooming cherry

“A trend once exclusive to establishments serving Japanese cuisine, sake has now become established in the rest of the industry. Not only is it featured on every 2 out of 5 premium lists analysed, but half of these outlets dedicate a full section to the category. Furthermore, 10% of trend-setting premium bars also use sake as a regular cocktail ingredient.”

Bibendum ambassador, Christina Schneider:

“It is great to see that sake is finding its way onto more and more wine and cocktail lists outside of Japanese restaurants. And rightfully so. It can be your saving grace in a wine pairing for that one dish that just makes every wine look bad. It’s also a great low ABV base ingredient for a less boozy Martini alternative, or just a nice bottle enjoyed with friends.”

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  1. Carolyne says:

    An excellent overview of exciting trends, cheers!

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