Six top-rated organic aperitifs that will make you look like a wine expert

We bring you six outstanding organic aperitifs that are so rare they will make you look like the most knowledgeable eco-conscious wine lover out there.

Organic farmingHailing from this year’s Organic Masters by the drinks business, the following six wines all received a Gold medal in the competition, which saw over 150 wines judged by highly-experienced tasters over the course of one day in London.

Importantly, all the entries in the competition are judge ‘blind’, ensuring that the judges have no knowledge of the identity of each wine beyond its price band and basic style.

As a result, this tasting, which is the only blind tasting competition for organic wines from every corner of the world, allowed the obscure to rub shoulders with the famous, providing an unrivalled chance to draw attention to hidden gems, as well as confirm the excellence of the renowned.

And this year’s tasting certainly highlighted some unusual sources of excellence, such as Mallorca and Montilla – along with England – although there were some more familiar areas of top quality wines too, such as Provence and Champagne.

So read on to find out six brilliant but little-known wines that would make an ideal aperitif for the eco-conscious imbiber, while you can read more about the Organic Masters, including the full list of medal-winners, here.

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