Budweiser ups production for World Cup giveaway

As England prepares to take on Croatia in tonight’s World Cup semi-final, Budweiser has reconfirmed its promise to giveaway a free beer to every adult in the UK if the team goes on to win the World Cup, and is already increasing production in preparation.

AB InBev UK & Ireland president, Jason Warner, confirmed this morning that beer production is increasing at UK breweries, in preparation to follow through on its commitment.

“At Budweiser, we’re getting ready to honour the people who make football the beautiful game we all know and love – the fans,” he said. “We will celebrate by giving free beer to the nation if England brings the trophy home to reward the fans for their unwavering dedication to their team, and unshakable belief that the trophy will be coming home.

“So, we’re ready, and our breweries are still brewing beer around the clock in preparation. Let’s end these four weeks of euphoric freedom in the most epic way possible. It’s coming home – let’s party like it’s 1966!”

The gesture was launched at the start of the tournament by former England footballer Steven Gerrard, who captained England at the last FIFA World Cup and has represented England on 114 occasions.

Every adult in the UK will be able to claim a complimentary Budweiser by registering at freebudforthenation.co.uk to then claim a voucher, should England emerge victorious tonight, and then beat France in the final on Sunday.

The coupon will only be available to download for 24 hours from when the whistle blows, and England have won, and will only be redeemable for 24 hours in various retailers, up to the value of £5.

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