Four reasons why cannabis is disrupting the alcohol industry in the USA


(Source: Sneakhype)

Just over 70% of cannabis users are also drinkers, according to the analytics firm’s research.

Lukas said that drinks firms should think carefully about when and why their products are consumed, as these could well be opportunities for cannabis manufacturers to steal the limelight.

“Say you’re sat on the sofa watching Netflix with your partner at home,” she said. “Traditionally you’d see this as an opportunity for a bottle of wine or a beer, but this is where cannabis comes in.”

The change wouldn’t be drastic, Lukas added, and may even amount to consumers substituting their evening drink for a vape pen “a couple of times a month,” but small alterations in consumer behaviour soon add up to a big shift in spending.

Quiet nights in, she told db, are just one area where drinks firms — in particular craft brewers and winemakers — “need to watch out.”

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