Harrods sets new benchmark for drinks retailing

While there’s plenty of Mouton Rothschild on the shelves of Harrods’ new wine shop, it’s this bottle of Mouton Cadet that gets Gerard’s vote for one of the best finds in the store. Professing his love for white Bordeaux, he describes this wine as effectively a “dry Climens”, noting that the grapes for this Graves come from the biodynamic vineyards of Château Climens, a sweet wine producer in Barsac.

In the years that Climens doesn’t produce Sauternes, it sells its Semillon to Mouton, which crafts this dry white – a bargain at £14, according to Gerard. It may be on the bottom shelf, but just above it is Haut Brion Blanc, and then Pape Clement Blanc – the two greats of Graves, and, in the case of Haut Brion, the most expensive dry white wine in the world. (However, it’s the reds from this part of Bordeaux – La Mission and Haut Brion – that take the eye-level spots on specially-designed bottle cradles).

3 Responses to “Harrods sets new benchmark for drinks retailing”

  1. Mark Sutton says:

    if they are sourcing all products direct from the UK agents, why are they charging secondary market pricing for their rare bourbon and Japanese whiskies when nthere are known MSRP for these items?

    Pappy 23 for £2000?
    Pappy 15 for £1500

    Yamazaki 18 for £450

  2. Really no place like Harrods

  3. Laura says:

    if i wanted to sell my wine products at Harrods, how much would it cost me to do so?

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