Value of US wine exports falls for first time in seven years


Ken-ichi Hori, Wine Institute’s Japan trade director

“Due to the US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement, all of the U.S.’s wine region competitors will enter Japan duty free by 2019 while the full 15% import duty will continue to be charged on California wines. Japanese importers have been importing U.S. bulk wine to reduce the import duties, but Chilean and Australian bulk wine is already duty free and European bulk will soon have duty free status.

“Bottled US wine exports to Japan decreased 20% by volume in 2017, but value increased 12.1%. Ultra-premium wines are less susceptible to the import duty disadvantage, and Wine Institute’s Japan office has been consistently promoting the premium category with its wine-by-the-glass restaurant promotions. US wine importers in Japan hope the US will establish a Free Trade Agreement with Japan as soon as possible to abolish the heavy import duty disadvantage of US wines, which will help the entire American wine category grow in Japan.”

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