Ten UK chefs and restaurants that make their own beer

Rick Stein and Sharp’s Brewery

Chalky. Image: www.rickstein.com

In 2007, following the death of his beloved Jack Russel Terrier, Chalky, TV chef and restaurateur Rick Stein released a beer in collaboration with Sharp’s Brewery in his honour. While the beer was actually brewed before Chalky died in January, it was later released as a posthumous tribute.

Called Chalky’s Bite, the beer was developed by the then head brewer of Sharp’s, Stuart Howe. Stein challenged him to create a beer that paired particularly well with the seafood served in his restaurants.

The beer, which is still available, is made with Cornish fennel, Cornish malted barley and three different hops.

In August 2009, Stein released a sister beer, Chalky’s Bark, designed to pair with spicy food. Speaking to the drinks business at the time, Stein said: “We developed Chalky’s Bite as the perfect beer to accompany seafood. The result was so satisfying that I asked Stuart to produce another beer with thirst quenching capabilities to go with spicy food. I wanted it to complement a range of South East Asian recipes I have been working on. Chalky’s Bark is a beer fragrant with the flavour of hops but at 4.5% abv its something you can enjoy a couple of bottles of”.

Chalky famously appeared alongside Stein in a number of his television programmes.

Speaking about his life, Stein said: “He got up to some mighty capers, leaping to bite a microphone, snarling at our cameraman so fiercely that we thought twice about using the film and fearing his shocking fangs which would frighten children. He dispatched rats and caused consternation by doing the same with a rabbit or two.

“He was loved by my children. He swam and jumped on boats, he attacked crabs, ran rings round Alsatians and Border Collies being much fiercer and never backing down, ever.

“He scampered over a Duke’s lawns and petrified me that he might bite the Prince of Wales, but he didn’t. Most of all though we knew him at home as rather an unassuming, diffident dog. He was never greedy; he pestered you a bit for walks but not too much and kept reasonably quiet. But, my God he hated postmen and I don’t know why. If he couldn’t get at them, he’d rip the letters to shred”.

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