Gordon Ramsay defends his endorsement of South Korean ‘beer of the people’

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has said he is “far from embarrassed” after his endorsement of South Korean lager brand Cass, which has been branded “the worst beer in the world,” caused critics to question his credibility.

Gordon Ramsay has defended his appearance in a South Korean television advertisement promoting the South Korean beer brand Cass.

The chef began working with the brand back in September this year. In the advert, Ramsay eulogises about Korean food to his two dining companions before taking a gulp of Cass, calling it a “great beer” and “bloody fresh”.

Ramsay was in South Korea over the weekend filming an episode of Please Take Care of My Refrigerator. When questioned about his role in the promotion of Cass, he told the Korea Herald: “I have fallen in love with Korean food, and it doesn’t need to have an over-sophisticated, slightly unique beer that costs a fortune.”

“The authenticity of Korean food with the number one beer for me felt like a perfect match. It‘s by far the freshest, coolest … and also in these difficult times, with the economy in recession, it is a beer that can easily be bought and have some fun with. It’s not pretentious,” he added.

Referring to Cass as “the beer of the people” he brushed off criticism on social media stating that he was “far from embarrassed”.

He continued: “[Cass is] something I drank before the call [for the endorsement] came in. When I have Korean food, I don’t look for a wine list with the most expensive beer to go with it. I want a beer that‘s easy, fresh, and something I can drink without having to show off. I think that was the important thing.”

“Europeans have a very delicate palate. They’re not used to that level of spiciness, so they wouldn‘t understand the importance of cleansing and properly washing food down,” he added.

His decision to work with the brand, however, has prompted criticism on social media.

One user branded the Cass “the worst beer in the world” with another calling it “really awful beer”. 

British writer and co-founder of a craft beer pub in Seoul, Daniel Tudor, also found himself in Ramsay’s firing line after slamming South Korean beer in favour of North Korea’s Taedonggang lager.

Ramsay joked that he “wouldn’t worry much about what the British journalist said,” adding that “when I do meet him, I will give him a kick in the arse”.

On his trip, Ramsay tried a number of local delicacies at the Gwangjang Market including spicy rice cakes, ‘Drug Gimbap’ and live squirming octopus.

I think there’s something moving in my tartare !! #seoul #korea #고든램지

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